August 3, 2016

What We Do


Exploring Christianity


Course 101

We offer this interactive 7-week course that walks through a general overview of Christianity.

Daily Devotionals

Many of us spent time each day reading through & studying the Bible & reflecting on its truths.

Life Groups

We like to meet up in smaller groups throughout the week to eat & laugh, develop meaningful friendships, encourage one another through the ups & downs of life, and pray for one another.


We offer opportunities for Christians to be mentored & mature in their spiritual life & how to practically live out their faith.


Each year we have getaways to spend time away from our fast paced lives in order to focus on God's Word and reflect on our lives.


Join us for Sunday worship service at Gracepoint church in Berkeley.

Weekly Bible Study

Each week we learn about God & explore questions about life at our Bible studies. We usually start with a free dinner, followed by a thought-provoking bible study. Afterwards we hangout and get to know one another more through games or small outings. 

Fellowship & Life Together

Whether it's hanging out at one another's homes, eating great food, playing sports, going out to SF, or spending a day hiking, we have a good time. We also like to do life together, whether it's just studying, grabbing a boba, or celebrating special occasions like holidays or graduations. Through it all, we not only have fun together but we're able to build lasting friendships that give us strength through the up's and down's of life.

Fun Trips

4Corners is serious about having fun together.  Besides our weekly fun activities, we also take many trips to visit different places. We like to enjoy the beauty of nature and have been to nearby beaches as well as far away national parks! Don't miss out on these memorable trips! Check out our pictures!  Need we say more?